What is the BBB?

The BBB is the Billionaire Bone Bureau; the world’s largest, most trusted, and only fully legal gallery and marketplace for certified Power and Luxury Billionaire Skeletal Relics.

The BBB sets the standard for ethical trading behavior and monitors compliance to empower our international community of collectors and connoisseurs to discover, acquire, finance, and consign fine Billionaire Skeletal Relics. The BBB was created in response to the rampant counterfeiting and growing distrust amongst collectors. The BBB stamps out unethical dealers, exposes relic forgery, and reinstates transparency within the collector community. We empower our patrons to feel confident about the integrity of their investments. Our reputation for trust and authenticity is backed by our unparalleled global network of experts and specialists spanning 40 countries and 44 departments.

The BBB protects consumers by eliminating unfair, deceptive or fraudulent practices in the marketplace. The BBB’s formal investigations put an end to those who violate the law. We are committed to restoring order and trust, ensuring a vibrant marketplace.

Additionally, the BBB offers exceptional exhibitions, installations, educational content, virtual programming and more.

The Billionaire Bone Bureau strives to inspire appreciation and understanding of the broadest spectrum of elite human achievement.

Why Become a Member?

Our auction house and gallery space allow the pieces to be viewed and enjoyed by the public but becoming a member is where the real magic of the BBB begins.

Whether you’re an established relic hunter or you’re just an avid enthusiast interested in the community aspect of the collection, the BBB has a place for you. 

Our Social Club is great for those looking to enjoy the rich history of the collection, keep up to date with the gallery, and attend social events without having to take the leap into relic accumulation. 

Members will gain access to a full community of other collectors, exclusive content, offers, products, services, and exclusive event access from the BBB.

If you are looking to take things a step farther, and ready to enjoy all the powers that come from being a relic owner perhaps Order 206 is for you.

Membership to Order 206 provides access to the Hunters Lodge private section of the gallery, exclusive events, auctions, and select offers in addition to everything that the Social Membership provides.

How are my acquisitions kept safe?

Using recent advancements in decentralized ownership network technology, we we are able to keep a publicly held, real time verifiable record of the current owner and last sale price of the relics and allow our clients to buy and sell their pieces on their own timeline in our certified auction house, with all the safety and protections offered by the BBB.

Our teams of experts work tirelessly to acquire, authenticate, and enter new and once considered lost relics into the collection.

As the only fully legal and certified relic society. The BBB is able to guarantee its services and ensure the highest level of integrity and safety in making such acquisitions.

How do I become a Social Club member?

Inquire at the bottom of the page to be added to a screening queue to be checked to see if you are up to the rigid standards held by the BBB. You will be contacted with more information if you have been approved. 

How Do I become an Order 206 member?

All patrons who become a relic owner are automatically granted an invite to Order 206. Other invites will be extended on a case by case basis.

How do I make a purchase?

We will soon be opening our Social Club Hall. Within The Hall, pre-screened patrons will be given access to information on our upcoming sales, and other updates and announcements. Please inquire below to be put into the screening queue.

Why become a relic owner?

The reasons to own a billionaire relic are highly personal to each owner. One may find it inspirational, a statement piece, an archival tale. One may derive great power and prestige from its ownership, and one may simply respect its immense value, a fine investment in one’s portfolio.

How are relics authenticated?

By utilizing advanced forensic dentistry, X-ray, DNA, and next-generation sequencing biometric tests, our team of specialists are able to ensure the authenticity and integrity of each of the pieces in our collection.

No relics are currently listed for sale. How do I become an Order 206 member?​

You can join our Social Club and wait in our Social Hall, watching our social media pages for when new pieces become available for sale. Alternatively, you may try to make a purchase from another collector in our Auction House.